Rusty Wallace's Miller Genuine Draft Thunderbird

Left Side View | Left Front View | Right Rear View

This is the 1995 #2 Miller Genuine Draft Ford T-Bird driven by Rusty Wallace!

The kit is a 1995 monogram #10 Tide T-Bird built using JNJ decals and odds and ends (contingencies) from slixx and a Racescale #2 1997-98 sheet (Trunk Fleetwood decal)! I made this one with slab sides (no skirts) in the latter part of 1995 some of the T-Birds had these which became standard in 1996. Note: These slabs were not created in the same manner as my others. I hope to have instructions on how I did these up on the site soon!

Painting and decals:

I painted the interior standard light grey and the exterior I did in testors gloss black with miller yellow lower bands. I first masked the upper part of the body and airbrushed the yellow on. I then waited until the yellow was dry and masked the lower areas and airbrushed the black. I had to do a little touch up as the mask came loose and the black over sprayed (actually it got under the tape) onto the yellow in a few very small areas. I then applied the decals. Starting with the roof number, the trunk FLEETWOOD and then the hood decals. I had to let the hood MGD decal dry and then I cut it where the hood and fenders meet. I then used microsol to make the decals form to the edges of the fenders and hood. I then applied the red stripe separating the yellow and black which also took care of any imperfections in my painting that remained! I then applied the contingencies, MGD rear quarter decals, Mobil One decals and the door numbers. I then applied the small ford emblems to the hood and rear bumper, the Mobil One decals for the hood and the top side of the rear bumper. Lastly I put the little #2's and the rear panel MGD and BOSCH decals. Next I airbrushed the entire body with testors model master clear topcoat enamel. This is the first time that I have used the airbrush to clearcoat a body and it worked well! It did not even start to run (Something that the high gloss enamel spray has a tendency to do!) And it seems to dry faster and harder than the spray. I then applied slixx hood and trunk pin decals, painted the fuel filler, made a little "mini skirt" to go behind the exhaust pipes and painted it silver. These are another set of my flat exhaust pipes which I tried to make to match this photo of Rusty's car! You can see clearly that this 1995 car had the slabs on it! Well, that's it! Hope you guys and gals like it!!!

Complete instructions for painting and assembly of chassis, clear parts, and construction of slab sides can be found at the bottom of the main page!

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