The General Lee

The 1:24th Scale General Lee | The 1:16th Scale General Lee

The tale of two General Lee's!

Theses two are now in the hands of my friend Bob Hanner! The story on these goes like this! When we (Bob and I) first started up this site he makes me an offer: If you will build this 1:25 General for me I will send along a couple of nascar kits too! Well, he said take your time and don't worry about how fast you get it done (BIG MISTAKE!!! :~)) Well, I modified the body fairly soon after I got it (Fairly soon considering how long it eventually took me to finish!) And painted it. Well, it wasn't until Bob told me he wanted me to build the black #2 miller car for him late last year that I got back on this one! He sent the kit and decals to build the #2 along with $$$ for building it and a "surprise" Christmas present (A 1:18 #36 M&M's diecast!!!)! Well, I thought about that 1:16 scale General I had sitting here on the shelf and said to myself "I think I will give Bob a "surprise" too!!! So I cleaned it (1:16 General) up and finally finished the little General and packed up all 3 in the box he used to send the miller car kit and decals and his "surprise". Well, I told him that there would be a surprise coming with the #2 model! He said "I know what that will be" (The little General...actually he saw the BIG General in a pic of the #2 I sent him and said "is that my "surprise"???) He thought it was the little general! Little did he know that it was the "surprise"!!! Well, to make this long story a bit shorter He just received the models and he was definitely surprised!!! I told him I would send pics and a writeup for the site after he received the models! (Didn't want to give away the surprise!) So here they are!

The first is a 1:16 scale model from MPC (not amt/ertl!) This is an original with the Richard Petty chassis and engine (even has part of the roll cage!) Which I built many years ago and decided to clean up! As I said it had been sitting on a shelf down here in our basement for 17 years (I built it when we still lived in Cleveland OH) and was dusty and dirty. It cleaned up nicely though! As I have told Bob I call this one my Nascar/HotRod General! It has the Petty chassis and engine plus the body has cut out front fenders and I had put non kit tires on the rear of it (At least they weren't from this kit!) And had to jack up the rear! (That's the HotRod part!) It did have the non-aero rear glass so I didn't have to modify it! It was painted with a tan of my own mixing inside and testors orange outside!

The second is the AMT/ERTL 1:25 scale model! It had a full cage but I cut it down to the single (behind the seat) bar and rear supports. Otherwise the chassis is a regular stock deal. The body had the aero rear window so I had to cut it out and make a new one! As you can see it turned out very nice! This one was also painted with a tan of my own mixing inside (Not the same as the 1:16 though) and testors orange on the outside. No Nascar/HotRod look here just the stock charger with the pushbar and flag and numbers! Well, I hope you enjoy seeing them as much as my friend Bob did!!