Jeff Gordon's Chromalusion Monte Carlo

Left Side View | Left Front View | Right Rear View

This is the #24 ChromaLusion Monte Carlo driven in the 1998 Winston by Jeff Gordon! The model is a 1997 #31 Lowes Monte Carlo with slixx decals!

Editor's Note: This is also the car Jeff ran out of gas in and lost the race to Mark Martin :-)

Painting and decals:

I painted the chassis and body interior with standard light grey. The body exterior was first airbrushed with testors gold, I then applied several light coats of ChromaLusion paint which I purchased from SMH (Southern Motorsports Hobbies ... see link on main page). The ChromaLusion went on very flat on my model so I applied a coat of testors high gloss enamel before applying the decals! I then masked the rear spoiler with Micro Mask from Micro Scale and airbrushed the spoiler with testors black. The decals went on well (As they usually do with slixx decals) I started with the hood roof and trunk decals, then the stripe from the c pillar down on each side. I then applied the grouped fender decals and the door numbers. Next I applied the yellow airdam extension decal then the rear quarter and other misc. sponsor decals to the sides of the body, followed by the rear panel and nose decals (grilles, headlights etc.) I then applied another full coat of testors high gloss enamel spray to the body! While the body was set aside to dry I masked and painted the clear parts (Very simple since all trim and retaining straps and the rear window rail were black). I also painted the center caps on the wheels and applied the tire and wheel decals and the 2 little 1-800-MARROW-2 decals (1 on the dash and 1 on the rear shelf) to the chassis. Once the body was dry I installed the clear parts and applied the green inspection sticker decal to the windshield and the 2 red chassis adjustment hole decals to the rear window! Lastly I painted the hood and trunk retaining pins with testors Model Master silver chrome trim paint! There you have it! The famous color changing ChromaLusion MC of Jeff Gordon! Note:The ChromaLusion paint was the most expensive part of this whole model. It cost $17.95 + $5 shipping for a ounce bottle pre-thinned for airbrush use! I used bottle on this body and it worked well! It went on well and I was satisfied with the results! Also these camcorder shots just do not do justice to this paint job!!!!

Complete instructions for painting and assembly of chassis, clear parts, and construction of slab sides can be found at the bottom of the main page!

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