Kyle Petty's 1999 Petty Enterprises 50th Anniversary Pontiac Grand Prix

Left Side View | Left Front View | Right Rear View

This is the 1999 #44 Petty Enterprises 50th Anniversary Pontiac Grand Prix driven by Kyle Petty in the Brickyard 400. The kit is a Revell #43 STP Pontiac with aftermarket decals by JWTBM.

Painting and decals:

The chassis is light gray. First body interior was airbrushed with light gray to match the chassis. Then I masked the body from inside and applied testors flat white from a can as a primer on the outside. Next I airbrushed a Petty Blue of my own making (Testors light blue with a few drops of testors dark blue to take some of the "whiteness" away from it) over the flat white. I then applied the decals starting with the hood logo then the roof number and the Red Lobster logo on the rear deck lid. Next I applied gold ribbon/door number/rearquarter Hot Wheels decals to the sides. Then the front fender contingencies, the headlights, the grilles, the rear panel www.Hot logo, the Hot Wheels 30th, the associates behind the door numbers and finally the little #44's for the front and rear! BTW the skirts and the front airdam extension were airbrushed with testors flat black before the decals were applied. The JWTBM decals went on very well with a little help from the Micro Sol bottle around the front airdam! I then airbrushed the whole body with testors model master clear top coat enamel and when dry I mounted the body and installed the clear parts which I had masked and painted while the body was drying. Lastly I painted the hood and trunk pins and the fuel filler opening with model master chrome silver. The body on this one was warped but all I had to do was put a plastic tab at the left front and the right rear of the body which caught the chassis and held these corners down. You might say I performed a wedge adjustment on it :~) ! As far as these Revell kits go I think the latest Grand Prix (I know it still isn't "perfect") is the best fitting of all of them in a long time, if the body had been straight on this one this is how it would have sat on the chassis!

Wheels - They were sprayed with testors metallic gold out of a can followed by a couple light coats of testors high gloss clear enamel, again out of a can! I also found a very easy way to paint these (After years of painting them on the tree!) I simply trimmed them from the tree, put a drop of the clear craft glue that I use to put in the windshields and other clear parts on the back side and stuck them to the bottom of a used kit box. (This glue is like a clear form of elmers and is called clear gel, I got it 3 bottles for $1 at dollar general and the brand name is study time) Once dry I painted the wheels. I then allowed the paint to dry and simply popped them off of the box! The glue came off clean and stayed on the box!

Complete instructions for painting and assembly of chassis, clear parts, and construction of slab sides can be found at the bottom of the main page!

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