Dale Earnhardt Jr's Budweiser Monte Carlo

Left Side View | Left Front View | Right Rear View

This is the 1999 #8 Budweiser Monte Carlo driven by Dale Earnhardt Jr. in the Coca-Cola 600 at Charlotte (Lowe's) Motor Speedway on May 30 1999.

The kit is a 1997-99 Revell-Monogram Monte Carlo with decals designed by John a regular poster on my NASCAR modeling forum.

Please note!!! These Budweiser Decals were available ONLY direct from John and they were limited to 50 which he sold out several weeks ago! These are not to be confused with the lesser quality sheets available elsewhere!

Painting and Decals:

I painted the body with standard grey inside and regular testors red and black on the outside. Now, I decided to use the chassis from my #24 JP car for the pics of this model so I could get it up on the site sooner (I plan to build the chassis later with flat pipes and redo the shots). The decals were excellent in my opinion. They came off the sheet very easily and went onto the body very well! I liked the fact that he made the front and rear stripes a bit long which allowed me to trim and better position them. The detailing and printing is very crisp and clean as well. There were trunk markings included for each of the five tracks he ran at this year. I made the white stripes separating the red and black areas of the body using microscale decal sheet stock. I used a stainless steel ruler and a razor blade to cut them from the sheet. I made the upper grille from a slixx rectangular lower monte carlo grill. I cut the center section from the grille and then cut a section crossways out of that. I used a regular monte carlo lower grille (rounded ends) from the same slixx sheet. I then added red microscale decal stock to simulate grille tape. Of course after painting the hood and trunk pins I gloss coated the entire body with testors high gloss enamel spray. I then masked and painted the clear parts, installed them and mounted the body.

Complete instructions for painting and assembly of chassis, clear parts, and construction of slab sides can be found at the bottom of the main page!

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