Jimmy Spencer's Winston "No Bull" Ford Taurus

Left Side View | Left Front View | Right Rear View

This is the 1998 #23 Winston "No Bull" Taurus driven by Jimmy Spencer in the paint scheme that ran early in the 1998 season. The roof is split between red (rear) and white (front) and the roof number color is also, the 2 is red and the 3 is white. In later cars the roof is all white and the numbers are all red.

The kit is a 1998 #99 Exide Taurus with aftermarket decals (origin unknown).

Painting and Decals:

The body interior and chassis are standard light grey. The body exterior was first airbrushed with testors gloss white. I then masked and airbrushed the red areas with testors gloss red. I then applied the decals starting with the black WINSTON banner on each side which runs from the pillar to the bottom of the body. Then I applies the silver pinstripe to the area between the front body red and the center white section followed by the roof number the hood decal and trunk decal. I then applied the contingency decals, the door numbers, rear quarter Winston's, the headlight and grille decals and the rear panel decals. This was a very nice sheet with decals to do either the Taurus or the 1007 T-Bird car. Note:This is the car from Rockingham so I put brake duct decals on it and left out the passenger side window! I removed the rear skirts from the body (I meant to do this before I decaled it but....oops....I didn't!) and replaced the passenger side skirt with a full rear skirt (one that comes to within the same distance of the jack post as the front one. On the drivers side I cut a rear skirt just long enough to go from the exhausts to the rear of the body (somewhere between 3/16 and 1/4 inch). I replaced these because I made a flat exhaust with both pipes dumping out the driver's side of the car! (More info and pics to come on this modification later) Now back to the body after I redid the skirts I gloss coated the body with testors high-gloss enamel spray. I then masked and painted the clear parts and applied the tire decals and painted the center caps. Once the body was dry I made the replacement skirts and glued them to the body and mounted it to the chassis (Yes it does have the two tabs on the back side of the airdam to hold the nose down!) I then installed the clear parts and inspection decal and rear window wedge adjustment hole decals. Lastly I cut and applied black decals for the skirts (I cut these from Microscale black 5x7 stock which I purchased from BSR.

Complete instructions for painting and assembly of chassis, clear parts, and construction of slab sides can be found at the bottom of the main page!

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