Ernie Irvan's Skittles Pontiac Grand Prix

Left Side View | Left Front View | Right Rear View

This is the 1997-98 Skittles Pontiac Grand Prix driven by Derrike Cope in 1997 and my favorite driver Ernie Irvan in 1998!

The kit is a Revell-Monogram 1997 John Deere Pontiac with aftermarket decals by Race Scale.

Painting and Decals:

The body interior and chassis are standard light grey. The body exterior is testors red. As I said the decals are from Race Scale and fit the body very well although I cut the stripes that go on each side of the body apart for better ease of application (all the stripes were together in one piece on the sheet) which by no means made them easy to apply just easier! It took quite a bit of Micro Sol softening solution to get the green stripe to lay down over the contours of the body at the rear quarters but it did lay down! The trunk decal (yellow with red Starburst markings) fit perfectly with the green stripe with no gap in between also! Once I got all the rainbow coloring on the body I applied the roof and door numbers, the hood "Skittles taste the rainbow" decals and the fender decals which as I said were from a 1998 Cheerio's Taurus kit sheet. The Combos, Pedigree and Valvoline decals behind the door numbers came with the Race Scale sheet. The grille decals came from a 1997 slixx "goodies" sheet as did the front airdam decal (silver extension) and the headlight decals are from the John Deere sheet that came with the kit! Then after all of the decals were dry I applied a coat of testors high-gloss enamel spray over the whole thing! While the clearcoat was drying I masked and painted the clear parts. After allowing the clearcoat to dry for a full day I installed the clear parts and painted the hood and trunk retaining pins and the gas tank filler opening. I then applied the wheel and tire decals and mounted the body to the chassis!

Complete instructions for painting and assembly of chassis, clear parts, and construction of slab sides can be found at the bottom of the main page!

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