Kenny Irwin's 1998 Texaco Havoline Ford Taurus

Left Side View | Left Front View | Right Rear View

This is the 1998 Texaco/Havoline Ford Taurus driven by Rookie of the Year Kenny Irwin!

The model is a Revell/Monogram 1998 #99Taurus and the decals are from Slixx. The kit exhaust system was replaced by a flat pipe of my own design.

Painting and Decals:

I painted the chassis bright red (1 bottle testors red + 1 bottle testors orange). The body interior was painted first with this same red and then the exterior was painted with testors gloss black! This body went through a lot before I finished it. I first tried to use decals from a kit (t-bird) because I got tired of waiting on the slixx decals (my first mistake!) Well, I had several #28 t-bird sheets and I put the decals on. For some reason I didn't put the roof number on until almost the last thing (As everyone should know from reading my other writeups I usually put it on first thing!) And I messed it up cracked in several places and simply wouldn't work! So, I looked for another and there was not one to be found on the other sheets!!! I then decided to put a door number there (second mistake!!). Well, I had let it set and then decided it just didn't look right. This is when I decided to put it on hold until the slixx came in. Finally the slixx sheet became available and I got a couple and the door numbers and hood decals matched almost perfectly so I put them on over the kit decals. The roof was a problem though! The decal wouldn't come off. So, I sanded it off and put a piece of black decal stock over it. (When microscale says that this stuff looks like paint when properly applied they don't lie!) I then put the new slixx roof number on over this! I then applied the fender decals, the rear deck lid decal and the front (headlight, grille etc.) and rear fascia decals. Note: the yellow lower body strip is Microscale yellow decal stock and the red stripe is from a #75 kit decal. Once I got the decals set I sprayed the body with testors high-gloss enamel spray. I then masked and painted the clear parts ...actually this was last weekend Nov.. 5-6, 1999....this body was really good and dry when I put these parts on!!! :-) Note: before I put the clear parts on I put the tabs on the back side of the airdam to hold the nose down (I would have normally done this before the body was even painted) so that I wouldn't break loose any of the clear parts during handling. I then mounted the body to the chassis! Well, there you have it! Everything but the painting and attaching of the clear parts was done months ago (I've been in a modeling slump for quite a while) and I've FINALLY finished it!

Complete instructions for painting and assembly of chassis, clear parts, and construction of slab sides can be found at the bottom of the main page!

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