Jeff Burton's Exide Batteries Ford Taurus

Left Side View | Left Front View | Right Rear View

This is the #99 Exide Taurus driven by Jeff Burton.

The model is a #99 Exide Taurus from Revell-Monogram. The decals are mostly from the kit with the addition of a few fender decals from a slixx separate fender decal sheet (Winston, Bud, Exide Select and NASCAR stockcar) I did not use the pink part of the decals from the kit for the fenders (I trimmed them off).

Painting and decals:

The chassis and body interior are standard light grey. The body was first airbrushed gloss black. I then mixed a pink which as you can see doesn't quite a match with the decal pink! The camcorder did however slightly exaggerate the redness of the pink I put on the fenders. There isn't that much difference although it is slightly more red. I then applied the decals. Note:As I said I trimmed the pink part of the fender decals off right up to the edge of the fender decals and the black stripe between the pink and silver. I applied the roof number the hood and trunk decals first. I used one of the rear quarter EXIDE decals from one of the several #99 kits I bought for the trunk (since the kit didn't have one) and also used the SKF decals as they were on the real car (Daytona) pictured on the box. I then applied the modified fender/door number decals and the rear quarter and wraparound rear bumper decals. I decided to use these because it would have been very difficult to trim the sponsor decals from these and even harder to paint the stripes on! Like I said if you were here looking at this model in person you would see a difference in the painted and decaled areas of pink but not as much as these pictures would indicate! Lastly I applied the headlight, ford oval, little #99, Rousch Racing and grille decals for the front and the little #99 and EXIDE decals for the rear panel. I then dry brushed the silver on the hood and trunk retaining pins and painted the center caps! I then applied the wheel and tire decals. I also once again did flat exhausts on this model with both coming out the driver's side but slightly different than the ones on the #23 (When I decide on which way I am going to do these as a standard on my models I will probably do a feature on their construction)

Complete instructions for painting and assembly of chassis, clear parts, and construction of slab sides can be found at the bottom of the main page!

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