Rusty Wallace's 1995 (1996 Preview) Miller Ford Thunderbird

Left Side View | Left Front View | Right Rear View

This is my model of the 1995 (1996 Preview) #2 Miller Thunderbird driven by Rusty Wallace!

First off, A little history behind this car. This is the Miller Ford that Rusty Wallace debuted at the 1995 season ending race at Atlanta Motor Speedway. He drove this car for that race as a sneak preview of the new paint scheme that was to be on the car during the 1996 season. This exact paint scheme was short lived during the 1996 season however, as the people from Miller Brewing Company deemed that it was too hard to read the "Miller" name on the side of the car with all the "Splash" effect going on under the name decal and the scheme was changed so that it was a smaller color splash running down along the bottom of the car.

This is a 1995 Monogram model kit built boxstock with aftermarket decals. The body is testors gloss black with testors yellow around the bottom and grey interior. The chassis is grey.

Complete instructions for painting and assembly of chassis, clear parts, and construction of slab sides can be found at the bottom of the main page!

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