Darrell Waltrips #300 Tim Flock Special

Left Side View | Left Front View | Right Rear View

This is Darrell Waltrip's #300 Tim Flock Special which he drove at Darlington in the spring race!

The model is a Revell-Monogram Monte Carlo with aftermarket bootleg decals (maker unknown)

Painting and decals:

I first airbrushed the interior with standard grey. I then painted the outside first with testors flat white and then I airbrushed it with testors gloss white. That is basically it for the painting! The decals were very nice, although there was no "Tim Flock Special" decal for the rear of the car! They went on very nicely, Roof # first then the NASCAR 50th Anniversary hood decal and the trunklid Tim Flock 300. I then applied the black/gold stripes to the sides, rear and airdam extension. I then applied the Tim Flock quarter panel decals , door # decals and the other various decals including the contingencies which were also on the sheet! I then glosscoated the entire body with testors high gloss enamel clear spray. I then masked and painted the clear parts and painted them and once dry I installed them with clear craft glue. I then applied stock decal black to the skirts and painted the hood and trunk retaining pins and the fuel filler! Well, that's it for this one! Another good looking car added to my collection!

Complete instructions for painting and assembly of chassis, clear parts, and construction of slab sides can be found at the bottom of the main page!

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