Dale Jarrett's 2001 United Parcel Service Ford Taurus

Left Side View | Left Front View | Right Rear View

This is my 2001 #88 UPS Taurus! It is a Revell #6 kit with 3 Amigos decals, kit head and tail lights and slixx contingencies. For this one I narrowed the rear end and set the front wheels a bit and reworked the front airdam extension!

Painting and decals:

I first airbrushed the interior of the body light gray and then I masked it from the inside and applied a coat of testors flat white as a primer. Over this I airbrushed testors gloss white (After lightly sanding the flat white) and after drying for a couple days I masked and applied the brown (A mix of testors brown with a few drops of black ...gloss) with the airbrush. The chassis on this one is light gray as well.

After a few days of drying time I applied the 3 Amigos decals which went on very well ...excellent adhesion and they laid down very well! I started with the hood decal then the roof number and the trunk UPS. I then applied the yellow striping, the front fender contingencies, the door numbers and the rear quarter UPS decals. I finished off with the rear panel www.ups.com logo, the taillights, headlights and the head and tail light numbers. I made the grilles from black decal stock. As I said I narrowed the rearend housing... to do this I cut the ends off at the area where the center section meets the axle tubes and removed approx. 3/32" from each tube. I then glued the tubes back on the center section. I had to then pull the shocks inward a bit (Trying to keep them symmetrical so the axle assembly would be centered) and also slightly rework the attachment point for the panard bar. For the front I simply trimmed the spindles back maybe 1/16" or so (The vertical section only) and removed material from the front wheels until they were flush with the little brake disks provided in the kit. Some had said something about trimming the spindle shaft ends but these did not interfere with the wheels going deeper on the shafts on mine. Finally for the front airdam extension I first cut a strip of .020" styrene approx. 3/32" wide and glued it to the bottom of the kit extension. I then took a used vhs video tape label sheet and blacked out the strip across the bottom (Between the area where the long side label had been ...this is from a rca tape btw) with a black sharpie and cut the areas that weren't pre-cut so that I had a full strip approx. 5/32" wide. I then applied this strip to the modified extension which made a very nicely lowered nose! I have used this method for a couple 1:18 diecasts I thought didn't ride low enough in the front and the strips haven't come loose after over a year! Anyone that has tried to remove an old label from a tape knows how well this stuff sticks! Anyway... I finished it off with a coat of testors clear enamel top coat (Model Master) from the airbrush on the painted and decalled body and then model master chrome silver on the hood and trunk pins and the center caps. Fuel filler is model master steel. To see the set of the wheels and a shot of the airdam extension Click Here!

Complete instructions for painting and assembly of chassis, clear parts, and construction of slab sides can be found at the bottom of the main page!

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