Dale Earnhardt Jr's 2001 Budweiser Monte Carlo

Left Side View | Left Front View | Right Rear View

This is the 2001 DEI #8 Budweiser Monte Carlo driven by Dale Earnhardt Jr.! The chassis is from a 2000 Revell Monte Carlo kit. The body is a resin from John (JWTBM) with a kit hood. The decals are from JWTBM!

Painting and decals:

The chassis is standard light gray. The body was something new for me since I had never worked with resin before! I went at it as I would have with a kit piece... uh uh... this is a different puppy all together! Had to ask John why the gray I airbrushed the inside with didn't stick! He informed me that you have to soak the body overnight in Westley's Bleache-White and the prime it with a good automotive primer!!! You will then be ready to paint with your favorite colors! I did this and it was ready to paint! (I used Plasti-kote white sandable primer) I then shot the inside with my light gray testors. Then I airbrushed the outside with model master guards red. Then after masking the pillar outer roof area I airbrushed on the gloss black. Time to apply the decals! I started as usual with the roof number... I trimmed a sliver about 3/32 or so wide out of the top of the number because it was just a tad too tall... I then applied the hood decal and bowtie which with a little help from mr. microsol went down over the right corner hood pin and the tether plates very well!!! I then applied the pin stripe to the roof and around the bottom of the window/rear glass area. Next the body side stripe/door number decals were applied... again very smoothly! The rear quarter and bumper stripes were next. Then the front fender/nose stripes. Again these went on very well!!! Next the rear quarter Budweiser decals and associate sponsor decals, the #3 DE mem. Decals, the fender contingency, Goodyear and Remington decals. Lastly I applied the DE Jr. name decals, the rear panel Budweiser.com, taillight and bowtie, the headlight, grille and Monte Carlo nose decals and lastly the little #8 decals for the right headlight and taillights! After a full day of drying I applied a good coat of model master clear top coat enamel to the body. Another day of drying and I mounted the body on the chassis and installed the clear parts which I again "painted" with my sharpie marker. Last of all I painted the hood/trunk pins and fuel filler! If you want the correct nose and rear spoiler without any work this body has them... the kit hood fit very well with it (There is no resin of the hood included)! The mods mentioned in my write ups for the 2000 regular and Olympic models were used on this one as well (Tabs for holding body down and straight and notches in roof at the front) and can be found by Clicking Here

Complete instructions for painting and assembly of chassis, clear parts, and construction of slab sides can be found at the bottom of the main page!

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