Dale Earnhardt Jr's 2000 Olympic Budweiser Monte Carlo

Left Side View | Left Front View | Right Rear View

This is the 2000 #8 Budweiser Olympic Monte Carlo driven by Dale Earnhardt Jr.! It is a Revell 2000 Jeff Gordon kit with aftermarket decals by John (JWTBM). For this one I modified the rear spoiler by gluing a larger piece of sheet styrene over the kit spoiler and filled and sanded it on the back side. I also performed the mods to the body described on my 2000-2001 Monte Carlo Mods page here: (place link to page here) I also narrowed the rear track and lowered the rear of the car. I narrowed the track by cutting off the kit calipers and the tips of the spindles (about half) and taking a drill about the same dia. as the wheel center and reaming out the center by hand using the spindle hole to center the drill. I took out material enough to remove the kit brake "disk" mounting area. I then glued the wheels to the square area that remained after the caliper was removed. I will take some pics and post them on the 2000-2001 mc mods page when I start my next mc chassis (Peter Max) with descriptions of this proceedure.

Painting and decals:

The chassis is light gray, The body was airbrushed with light gray. The exterior of the body was first sprayed with testors flat white as a primer, over this was airbrushed testors model master guards red. I then masked the roof and pillars and again applied flat white as a base for testors Boyd True Blue Pearl. I also masked and painted the skirts testors flat black. I then applied the decals starting as always with the roof number, followed by the hood decal, the trunk Remington Arms, the white striping around the pillar/trunk area and roof and the body nose, tail and side stripe/number decals. I then applied the contingencies, rear quarter Budweiser, DE Jr name and Outlaw decals. Next, the headlight, taillight, grille, monte carlo logo and rear panel Budweiser decals were applied and lastly the red white and blue stars! Over this was airbrushed model master clear enamel top coat. I then "painted" the clear parts with a sharpie marker...my first attempt at doing it this way! I then installed the clear parts and painted the hood/trunk pins, center caps and fuel filler and applied the tire decals and mounted the body. Note: On this model you can see what I have been talking about concerning the rear wheel wells on the 2000-2001 mc kit's body, the wheel well on the driver side has a noticable gap at the top of the tire while the passenger side opening is right down against the tire. The rear of the body is straight with the chassis and all 4 wheels are on the ground. This is one of many reasons I will not be doing any more bodies before having the chassis ready so that I may modify the body to match the chassis which involves opening up the wheel wells for reasons of getting the tires to be equal as far as the spacing up and down and to get the proper space between the tires and well openings fron to rear.

Complete instructions for painting and assembly of chassis, clear parts, and construction of slab sides can be found at the bottom of the main page!

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