Randy Ayers' Nascar Modeling Center

First a little introduction and background info: My name is Randy Ayers

I have built models just about all of my life from the time I was about 7 or 8 to the present day! I started out as an airplane freak. Then as an airplane and sci-fi freak. I had no interest in cars whatsoever. Then in the summer of 1970 I was down from Ohio at my granny's on vacation in NC (which is now my home state also) and my uncle had some Car Craft mags laying around and I picked one up, it was a funny car special issue and I was hooked! Those jacked up, swoopy, ground pounding cars really got me! Well one day some time later I was looking at mags in a store and picked up on a stockcar mag (not even sure which one now) and on the cover was a blue and red Dodge Charger with STP logos on it! Man that thing really looked good! Richard has been my all time favorite ever since. Well the rest is history as far as me and cars! I still like airplanes and I still like sci-fi but for me there's nothin' like NASCAR WC STOCKCAR RACING!!!

Well that takes care of getting me to where I am now as far as my favorite pasttime (as far as watching!) Now for my favorite pasttime (as far as doing!) And that is NASCAR stockcar models. As I said I love planes and sci-fi and NASCAR! I have built every thing from planes to ships to Star Trek to Star Wars but my favorite is NASCAR stockcars! Before we got cable back in 1994 I had lost track just a bit with autoracing in general ...there just wasn't that much to see on broadcast television (Sure I watched Daytona and a few other races but without cable there just wasn't that much to see!). But then we got cable and man have I ever been a NASCAR junkie! I not only watch'em but I tape'em all too!

Oh yeah the models, since I really got back into it...after cable...I started to look for models to build again. Then in 1995 Monogram came out with the #3 Dale Earnhardt kit and that was the beginning of the building of several (I now have about 60 models that I have built since May of 1995) kits. I have mostly WC cars with a few BGN cars (mostly WC drivers but not all! I do have a #57 Slim Jim car from 1996) and my collection is still growing!