Construction Product Listing

Here is a list of some of the products I use in building my models:

Testors paints:

Spray can different varieties but mostly metallic silver for the engine parts, radiator (and hoses), front and rear shocks and a few bodies! Flat black sometimes to paint clear parts when I don't feel like preping the airbrush! Also for some bodies where i can't seem to mix the right color or can't find a match.

Many varietys of color in bottles mixed for airbrushing (both regular and Model Master (florescent red).

Testors airbrush thinner.

Testors tube cement.

Squadron brand Green putty for any filling that is necessary.

A good fine tipped paint brush for the dash gauges and roll bar padding and window nets and touchups.

X-Acto knives and or testors hobby knives(for parts trimming and paint removal for gluing).

Rubber Bands 2" x1/4 " for holding the chassis together along with clothes pins (spring type) for holding front of chassis together.

3/4 " Scotch magic transparent tape for masking (easy) Micromask from Microscale for hard masking.

1/8" thin wall plastic tubing for making exhaust pipes ( usually use heavy electrical wire that used for house wiring... inside the tubing to hold the bends.

A good long pair of tweezers for holding parts.