2000-2001 Monte Carlo body and chassis Modifications

Here are the modifications I used to make the body on my 2001 #8 Bud car sit the way I wanted!

These mods were performed on a 2000-2001 resin body which I obtained from John (JWTBM) but they should work on the regular kit bodies as well. Each picture has measurments and or a description for each modification. At the bottom of the page are pics of the body sitting on the chassis! I hope this will be of help to all my nascar modeling buddies out there!

P.S. When I finish the car I will include a section on how I narrowed the rear track of the car (Very simple mod!)

The tab on the kit body nose needs to be about 1/16 narrower (3/16 instead of 1/4") as when I applied the tab to my #8 Olympic body (A kit body) for the modification it was just too much! Of course no 2 cars chassis/body combination will ever be the same so it will always be a case of slight adjustments to suit each model.

Chassis Modifications

Body Modifications

Pics of Finished Body

Finished Monte Carlo Body