Side Window, Quarter Windows, and Rear Glass Masking

As I said the rest of the clear parts are basically masked in the same manner for all cars. Any differences will be noted below!

Rear Glass

As with the windshields start on the backside! The molded in border is all that there is on the backside of all but the 1997 MC! So just mask over the entire backside (run the tape across not up and down) and trim around the molded in border! (Remember to hold the piece up to the light so that you can see the mold line!) Note: On the 1997 MC there is a molded in center Strap that must have the tape trimmed from it! Also you must trim from the center of the old (pre 1997) MC and the Pontiac rear glass pieces a strip of tape which will be the inside center strap

Turn the piece over. Remember to mask parallel to the straps! Place a strip of tape from the outside edge of the strake (for a picture of the rear glass Click Here!) Over that side of the rear glass, one piece will be plenty for all models. Then apply a strip to the inside edge of the strake. This piece will also cover the first strap. On the T-Bird slightly overlap this strip of tape with another. This will cover the second strap and the third. Trim all tape from the straps (always remember to seal the tape to the edges of the straps with your fingernail to prevent paint from seeping under the edges of the tape!) apply a piece of tape to the outside edge of the last strap and another to finish covering the glass. On the MC ...old and new... and the Pontiac apply the tape to the strake as above...then trim the strap nearest to the strake. Apply a piece of tape to the inside edge of the other strap, it should overlap the other piece of tape and fully mask the area in between the straps. Apply a piece of tape to finish masking off the other side of the second strap which should cover the remainder of the exposed glass. That should do it for the rear glass!

Side Window (Passenger Side)

On the T-Bird start on the outside of the glass and apply a single strip of tape over the entire length of the glass. Then trim around the molded in area at the front of the glass (Click Here to view picture of passenger side glasses for all models with details) this is where the glass on the real car slides into a recess in the body. Trim the tape to the edge of the glass on the T-Bird (this is important! If you do not do this the tape applied in the next step will stick to the this tape!) On all of the GM's apply a single strip of tape to the backside of the glass and trim around the molded in border which is very much like the ones on the windshield and back glass of all the cars!

Turn the piece over. For the T-Bird glass simply mask the entire length of the glass and allow the tape to extend beyond all sides! Now on the MC (old and new) and the Pontiac place a strip of tape the full length of the glass (outside) and then trim around the molded in area (as mentioned above where the glass slides into the body) at the front of the glass. This finishes the masking of the passenger side glass!

Quarter Windows and Hose Air Inlet

This is the final step in masking the clear parts. As for the quarter windows (back side windows) I have for the most part went to hand painting these. Refer to the PAINTING section for details on this. The little air hose inlet piece that mounts at the front of the driver's side window just needs to be put on a strip of tape flat side down! This completes the clear parts masking!

For a Printable copy of these instructions Click Here