Painting and Detailing Clear Parts

In this section I will try to explain the methods I use when painting the details on clear parts ... windshields, passenger side glass, rear quarter windows and back windows ... these can be the difference between a good looking model and ... well I think you can get the idea!

Clear Parts Masking

Please note: I use 3/4 inch wide magic transparent tape for all my masking!

I usually mask off all the parts first, starting with the windshield. There are 3 separate sets of windshield masking instructions for the Monte Carlo, the T-Bird and the grand prix. Just scroll down until you find the one that goes with the type of model you are building!

Please note that the instructions for the rest of the clear pieces are basically the same for all cars and will be detailed at the link on the bottom of this page entitled: Side window, quarter windows and rear glass masking!

Monte Carlo

For the Monte Carlo (starting on the back side always) cut some strips of scotch magic transparent tape if you do it right it should only take 2. Cut them long enough to hang over the ends (you are going to put them on across the windshield not up and down!) It doesn't matter if you put the bottom strip or top on first but just leave as little overlap as possible and the 2 strips should be enough!

Next hold the windshield up to a light and with a razor blade or good sharp hobby knife cut along the molded in border of the wind shield and also the molded in inside retaining strap (for a detailed picture of the windshield
Click Here

Next turn the windshield over and apply tape to the front side, only this time apply it parallel to the molded in outside retaining straps. Apply the first piece along one side of the center strap. Apply the second along the other side of the center strap. One of the 2 pieces will overlap the other outside strap this is alright all you have to do is hold the windshield up to a light again and trim along the edge of the strap on each side (before doing this run the edge of your fingernail down each side of the strap as close to it as you can so the tape will mask as close as possibe to the strap)! Now that the 2 outside straps are masked off cover the rest of the wind shield with tape!


The thunderbird windshield is different, the inside retaining straps are much heavier than the monte carlo straps! For detailed pictures of the thunderbird windshield Click Here

There are 4 straps molded into the inside and 2 on the outside. Start on the backside again!

This time run the tape parallel to the straps with the first piece up against the strap nearest to the drivers side. Then apply a piece to the other side of this strap. This piece will over lap the next strap and one side of the third. Press the tape to the windshield all the way up to the second strap making sure to run your fingernail along the edge of the strap. Gently press the tape down on the strap and again run you nail along the other side of the second strap and press it firmly against the glass until it contacts the third strap, again run your fingernail along the edge of the third strap.

Next apply another strip of tape along the other edge of the third retaining strap as close to it as possible, this piece will overlap the fourth and final strap. Repeat the steps as described for the second strap above on the fourth strap and then cover the rest of the back of the windshield with tape. Again take the razor blade or hobby knife and while holding the windshield up to the light trim along each side of each of the straps as needed and also trim the border around the windshield.

Turn the windshield over. Apply tape...again parallel to the each side of the outside strap closest to the passenger side. Cover the rest of the windshield with tape. Now go back and trim the area matching the center inside strap and peel away the tape. This finishes the masking of the windshield!

Grand Prix

Please note: The windshield for the Pontiac is molded in the same way as the pre 1997 Monte Carlo (not size and shape wise but with no inside retaining straps molded in and the two ...left and right of center... outside straps molded in!) So these instructions can be applied to the old Monte Carlo's as well!

This is the easiest of the three! As usual start on the back side. Mask the entire backside and trim the tape from the molded in border as shown in the picture of the Monte Carlo windshield (to view the Monte Carlo windshield Click Here

On the Pontiac windshield ...unlike the Monte Carlo ...there is no molded in inside retaining strap, you must therefore trim and remove a strip from the tape approx. the same width as the two outside straps exactly in the center of the windshield! This will be your center inside strap. Now that you have the backside masked turn the windshield over. Put a strip down each side of the two molded in retaining straps the two pieces of tape in the middle will overlap, then mask the rest of the windshield (no trimming required in most cases since most Monte Carlo's have no center outside strap).

Please note that all tape on the front side of all of the windshields should over hang slightly to assure full coverage of areas not to be painted and to assure a place to apply tape to hold parts while painting!

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