Jeff Gordon's 1997 Busch Clash "Chroma" Monte Carlo

This is the 1997 #24 Dupont/Chroma Premium paints chevy driven by Jeff Gordon in the 1997 Busch Clash!

The kit is a 1997 Revell-Monogram Monte Carlo with slixx decals.

Painting and Decals:

The chassis is standard light grey. The body interior is light grey also. The body was first air- brushed with gloss black I then made templates from tracings of the hood/front fender decal and tracings of the rear side body color band decals. I then taped these templates in place and airbrushed the gold paint on. I did not gloss coat the body before decaling it which was a mistake (yes as I said before nobody is perfect ... especially not me! (GRIN)) and it wasn't the only one!!! I thought the gold paint was slick enough without the gloss coat but I was wrong! Well anyway, I put on the decals starting with the hood fender decal and the side body rainbow stripes ... I cut out the hood fender decal and laid it over the hood and marked the edge of the hood on the back of it, this is where I cut the decal for the hood fender separation. Once these decals were dry I applied the rest. Here is where I realized my second mistake! I forgot that the front of the hood and the area where the decal for the rear bumper go must be painted gold also! These 2 decals are shaded for a transition from gold to black!!! Everything was looking so good I just plain got in too big of a hurry! Once again ... and remember this all of you just starting model building ... it happens to the best of model builders so don't think you're doing terrible if you make a mistake! Well that said, you may ask ... how did I correct my mistake? I just took a little gold paint and painted these areas by hand (which didn't end up near as nice as it would have) also a note about my first mistake ... When I gloss coated the body (after applying the decals) all of the areas where clear parts of the decals were, were smoother than the gold paint!!! Which made the decals look slightly more defined than usual! This is a problem because the idea is to make the decals look as little like decals as possible! Still didn't turn out bad! As usual once the decals were dry I gloss coated the body. I then masked and painted the clear parts, mounted the body (after drying) and glued in the clear parts with clear craft glue! Well it wasn't perfect but it wasn't junk either and that's the way it goes sometimes, you make mistakes which can't be corrected without redoing the whole thing ... which wouldn't be practical, not for me anyway ... as I said I ain't ashamed of it and it will be a valued addition to my collection!

Complete instructions for painting and assembly of chassis, clear parts, and construction of slab sides can be found at the bottom of the main page!

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Additional Pictures

Left Side View
Left Front View
Right Rear View