Chassis and Engine Painting and Assembly

In this section I will discuss the painting and assembly of both the chassis and the engines for the three different types of models that are available! First of all please note: I paint everything before I assemble anything! Below are summaries of what will be in each section!

Painting Chassis and Engine Parts: The main portion will include frame and roll cage ,seat, dash, steering wheel, suspension and other misc. related parts along with engine parts (I do not really go into a lot of detail on my engines, I put more emphasis on the visible areas of the models ... body, wheels and cockpit ... I find it difficult to motivate myself to do more than these areas! Now if I had my models in a setting where I could have the hoods open on some of them I might do a few with full treatment under the hood but since most of them are in a bit of a confined space (especially the ones in plastic cases) I concentrate on detailing the cockpits and bodies!

Assembly of Chassis and Engines: This section will be divided between chassis assembly and engine assembly! Topics will include preparation of painted parts for assembly, what parts need to have decals applied and where and how to apply them, methods of assembly and tools and supplies necessary with a small section at the end on touch up of areas where parts are joined! One thing I can say for ready to do a lot of scraping! Well guess it's on to the chassis and engine shop!!!

Painting Chassis and Engine Parts

Assembly of Chassis and Engine Parts