Rusty Wallace's 1998 Miller Lite Ford Taurus

This is the first 1998 model I've built! The 1998 Miller Lite Taurus driven by Rusty Wallace. The kit is a #99 1998 Revell-Monogram Ford Taurus and the decals are from Racescale Graphics by way of BSR. The sheet was made for the 1997 T-Bird which means I had to trim the white part from all of the stripes since the stripes on the 98 car are red only. I also used the Mobil 1 decals which have the solid white block around the "1" instead of the blue block with white outline. I had to trim the point of the grey area on the hood so it didn't go off of the hood and I had to use the white Taurus logo from the #99 and outline it in black because there are no black Taurus logos out yet and I don't know when they will be available (although slixx will be coming out with a"nascar goodies" sheet for 98 which I'm sure will include these). I also made a PPG logo for the trunk (I know from a video I made at Martinsville that it says automotive beside this logo but I wasn't sure of the "finishes" since I could find no pics where the trunk was clearly visible! I got the "finishes" because of several adds for pPg automotive finishes I've seen with the #2 pictured in them so I just assumed that's what it says) This was the location for the red stripe around the sides and back at Daytona (Which I have pictures of from WCI magazine) I know the later cars have the stripe lower down on the body and the Mobil 1 and Mead papers decals are pasted above it but as I said the Daytona pics are the better that I had so I did a Daytona car. Lastly I did a "K" for Kmart for the rear panel and made my own Bud contingency decals so all that I left out were the Nascar Select battery decals and oh yes I did a couple LENNOX decals as well (The letters are a bit oversize but the other letters I had were way under size so I used these.

Painting and decals:

The chassis and body interior are standard light grey. The body was then airbrushed in gloss white. I let the white dry throughly and masked and applied the dark blue (standard testors as with the 1997 I did) When dry I applied the decals starting with the red stripe. I then applied the hood decal and the roof number, the homemade PPG trunk decal, the "Rusty Wallace" above the windows, the door numbers, the rear quarter "Lite" decals the Goodyear and other contingency decals, the headlights, rear panel "Miller Time" "Lite" and "K"mart decals and finally the grille and Taurus logo decals for the nose! Once these were dry I applied one coat of testors clear high gloss enamel overcoat. While the body was drying I masked and painted the clear parts.

Note: I did not work on the flat exhausts until after the model was completed up to the point of painting the body so that I could mount the body and get all the proper measurements and actually make the pipes and fit them to the chassis/body combination and I can say now that the pipes worked perfectly when glued to the chassis bottom outside edge and matched up perfectly flush up against the body!!! Sure look better than those ridiculous side pieces and pipe extensions in the kit IMO. I then made my own pieces to extend from the chassis to the body on each side from 0.040 styrene sheet stock. The body required no modifications whatsoever (The only thing I added were the two little tabs to hold the front end down and hide the ductwork) There are pictures and descriptions of the flat exhausts and the tabs for holding down the nose on the main page of this site. Also one small detail I almost left out and I guess it would be considered a modification to the body (oops!) I had to trim just a little bit out of the front wheel wells because the tabs pulled the nose down just a hare lower than the wheels would allow in stock configuration! I just trimmed them enough to give the tires clearance that looked right to me, how much you may think is enough is up to you to decide! I must say that Revell-Monogram did a good job on this kit and it went together smoother and easier than any I've done lately!

Complete instructions for painting and assembly of chassis, clear parts, and construction of slab sides can be found at the bottom of the main page!

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Additional Pictures

Left Side View
Left Front View
Right Rear View