1997 Hotwheels Pontiac Grand Prix

This is the 1997 #44 Hot Wheels Pontiac driven by Kyle Petty! The model is a 1997 Monogram Pontiac Grand Prix and the decals are from slixx! This is a very familiar paint scheme in that it reminds me of my days as a boy playing with my hot wheels with that orange track looping and curving all over the basement! Since it s a 1997 Pontiac kit it has the slab sides, jack posts and skirts molded in! The exhausts are also stock from the kit! All this makes for a much easier model to build!!

Painting and Decals:

Painting this model was fairly simple just paint the whole thing blue (gloss bright blue from testors, in a can) I tried mixing colors but didn't really like what I came up with so I went with the bright blue spray! The chassis and body interior are airbrushed with standard light grey. The white is again a decal (white microscale sheet stock) cut to extend just above where the slixx decals come down to (around the sides, front and rear). This is much easier than painting ...no masking.. And a nice smooth finish! The colors are bright but have no neon in them so they laid down pretty easily. There is one note on these Grand Prix kit bodies, they have to be the most accurate from Monogram to date. Especially the slope of the hood. Most NASCAR WC cars have a pretty steep rake to the nose and this kit is the closest to the real thing I've ever seen! The Monte Carlo is close also but the T-Birds almost have the hood level with the ground! Just a note I thought might be of interest! I'm hoping that when the new Taurus kits come out they will feature this also! The wheels are painted with a mixture of florescent red and a touch of orange! With a coat of gloss to bring out the shine! This is one of only 3 models I have that do not have the basic black wheels, the other 2 being the #43 96 and 97 and the #28 10 anniversary car. As usual I added the Earnhardt bar since it is a 1997 car! BTW I paint all of the center caps on my kits with testors Model Master chrome detailing paint!

Complete instructions for painting and assembly of chassis, clear parts, and construction of slab sides can be found at the bottom of the main page!

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Additional Pictures

Left Side View
Left Front View
Right Rear View