Dale Jarrett's 1997 Quality Care Ford Thunderbird

This is the 1997 Quality Care/Ford Credit Ford T-Bird driven by Dale Jarrett and owned by Robert Yates!

The Model is a 1996-97 Monogram T-Bird and the decals are from slixx! The body being a T-Bird has the usual modifications for a 1996-97 car that include slab sides, skirts, jack posts (which are easily seen in the pictures of the model) and a front airdam extension! I also did my own exhausts again as I have with all but the first couple that I modified the bodies on! There is also an Earnhardt bar since it's a 97'. I know the airdam extension looks like it's scraping the ground in the pics and it is close but there is clearance there! The skirts actually hit at the front and I had to carefully trim them off parallel to the ground! Never had one sit that low before! Oh well as I have probably said before ...and if I didn't I'll say it now... no two models are alike!

Painting and Decals:

The chassis and body interior are bright red (equal parts red and orange) the body exterior actually has two different layers of blue on it! The first is True Blue Pearl Boyd color from testors it wasn't dark enough so I applied Bright Metallic Blue over it! The coat underneath actually made the Bright Metallic Blue much deeper and it came out well! Once the blue was dry (2-3 days) I made a template using the red side body decals as a pattern and masked off the lower white area and airbrushed it on! Once the white was dry I applied the decals to the body. First I applied thelarge florescent red #88 decal (I used setting/softening solution in the roof flap areas) and the Ford Quality Care decal on the trunk. I then applied the red triple stripe to the sides of the body after these had set and dried for a while I applied the red stripe/Quality Care decals to the rear of the body. They didn't line up perfectly with the side decals but they are very, very close! I then applied the airdam extension decal to the front. Once these are set up and dry I then applied the door #88's contingency and quarter panel Ford Credit decals (don't forget the DJ signatures above the doors!). Lastly I applied the hood decals and the hood pin decals (from a slixx NASCAR goodies sheet). As usual when the decals were dry and the decal residue removed I applied testors high-gloss enamel clear coat to the body! Next came masking and painting the clear parts and when dry mounting the body to the chassis. Once the clear parts are dry glue them on with clear craft glue, apply wheel and tire decals and any misc. decals (inspection sticker for the windshield, suspension adjustment hole markings, etc.) And paint the center caps and it's done!

Complete instructions for painting and assembly of chassis, clear parts, and construction of slab sides can be found at the bottom of the main page!

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Additional Pictures

Left Side View
Left Front View
Right Rear View