1996 QVC Ford Thunderbird

This is the 1996 QVC T-Bird driven by Geoff Bodine. This is one of the sharpest looking cars on the track in my opinion, of course it seems that basic black goes good with just about everything and makes the numbers (especially if they are a florescent color!) and logos really stand out!

This is another 1996-96 Monogram T-Bird kit. This car is a T-Bird so of course I had to make the usual modifications to the body. Slab sides, skirts, jack posts, front airdam extension etc., now here is one that is a little different though, I didn't just make the slab and the skirts out of one piece and notch out for the jack posts this time. This time I made the slab sides and skirts as separate pieces (I also did this on the 97 rusty car and the 1996 Lowe's gold car) just to see if they looked better! As usual I also made new exhausts for this car so they would extend all the way out to the side of the car.

Painting and decals:

Just about as simple as it gets! The chassis and body interior are once again light grey. The body exterior is a breeze as all it takes is one color gloss black put on in a couple coats for a nice slick finish! As you can see I did not try to do the big QVC in dull black in the background on the body (that would have been ... for me that is ... near to impossible. I didn't even want to attempt it!) The decals are from slixx and are excellent as usual! But just remember that florescent decals are stiffer than normal so be very careful and use that brush and softening/setting solution!!! (especially around the roof flaps!) As per all my models from the last couple years the decals were applied and a coat of gloss put on over them then after drying the body was mounted to the chassis and the windows painted and installed with craft glue. One thing I liked about the slixx sheet was the detail on the skirts (with the jack post markings) and rivets. A very un-complicated car to paint which makes it all the more enjoyable when you are finished!

Complete instructions for painting and assembly of chassis, clear parts, and construction of slab sides can be found at the bottom of the main page!

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Additional Pictures

Left Side View
Left Front View
Right Rear View