1996 Pennzoil Pontiac Grand Prix

This is the 1996 #30 Pennzoil pontiac driven by Johnny Benson. The kit is a 1997 Monogram Grand Prix and the decals are from Carolina Motorsports Graphics. As I said it's a 1997 so the slab sides are molded in as well as the skirts and jack posts!


This has to be the easiest car I've ever done, bar none! The body is yellow inside and out, the chassis is yellow, I mean what could be simpler, and with all the modifications that I didn't have to do on the body...this would be a great starter model for someone! I started by painting the chassis parts and body (yellow) which left only the engine and 2 or 3 other parts to be painted silver and a few misc. parts (dash and it's assoc. Parts, wheels, and suspension parts) black! Once again all the yellow painting was done with an airbrush (with the parts being white this didn't require a lot of coats of paint either!) Once the paint was dry on the body I masked the skirts and brush painted them black (it's a small enough job to not have to setup the air brush) Then when they had dried overnight I applied the decals which was a very straight forward job once again I put the decals on first because certain of the contengency and sponsor decals overlapped onto them. I always put the front airdam extension decal (when there is one included or if I have to make one) on last because if you don't inevitably you will be doing something else and hit that decal and or catch the edge of the airdam and damage it or in some cases actually peel it...or part of it...back off!!!) Once the decals are dry I put a coat of gloss to seal the whole thing (especially that airdam decal!)

I have always liked this car, it's a simple paint scheme but very striking simply because of the yellow and contrasting black and red! I've seen the new car Steve Park is going to drive this year (1998) and I personally like the older schemes better. The 1997 had more black on the sides but wasn't carried to the extremes of this years scheme. Oh well that's what the sponsors want so....

Complete instructions for painting and assembly of chassis, clear parts, and construction of slab sides can be found at the bottom of the main page!

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Additional Pictures

Left Side View
Left Front View
Right Rear View