1996 Exide Batteries Ford Thunderbird

This is the 1996 Exide Batteries Ford Thunderbird driven by Jeff Burton.

This is another 1996-97 Monogram kit with slixx decals. Once again as with all cars after 1995 this one has slab sides. Along with this modification comes side skirts, jack posts, and a front airdam extension (to lower the nose).


This was my second attempt at feathering paint (the first was a Jimmy Spencer Smokin Joe's car). The chassis and body interior were once again airbrushed with light grey (2 to 1 mix of white and grey) then after drying the body interior was masked and the exterior masked before applying the pink and light blue. I first applied the pink to the nose, hood, front of the top between the roof slats and the lower front sides of the body. I then cleaned the airbrush and immediately applied the light blue to the rear of the top, trunk, rear of the lower sides and the rear lowerquarter and bumper. I allowed this to dry and remasked all other body areas for painting and applied the gloss black. I then applied the decals which required the use of a good bit of decal softening solution (microscale micro sol) for the decals on the nose to make them conform to the nose (silver stripes). Following decal application and cleaning ( decal adhesive residue removal) I applied the usual coat of gloss. (Testors high-gloss enamel spray) I then applied wheel and tire decals mounted the body and painted and applied clear parts (windows etc.) using clear craft glue and appropriate decals (wedge adjustment hole markings inspec. Stickers etc.). This is one of the best looking cars on the track in my opinion and makes a beautiful model!

One more note this model is particularly special because I was able to get JB to autograph the cover for the case I keep it in!

Complete instructions for painting and assembly of chassis, clear parts, and construction of slab sides can be found at the bottom of the main page!

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Additional Pictures

Left Side View
Left Front View
Right Rear View