1996 McDonalds Ford Thunderbird

This is the 1996 McDonald's T-Bird driven by "Awesome" Bill Elliott

The kit is a 1996-97 Monogram T-Bird and the decals are from the kit with a few contingency decals from slixx thrown in! As with all of my 1996 and later T-Bird models I have done the usual body modifications of adding slab sides, jack posts, skirts and a front airdam extension!

Painting and Decals:

The chassis and body interior for this kit are not the standard light grey! The chassis and also the entire body ...inside and out... are airbrushsed in red! This makes for getting most of the painting done right from the start! I was going to say it would be simple but I then remembered the one thing that made this one difficult. That white nose! For this I again made a template by tracing the outline of the decal v shaped yellow stripe! (I actually made my template split the yellow line so that the mask line would run down the middle of the yellow in each side) I then traced the template onto the body and used micro mask (liquid mask, for details on this Click Here. I used it to mask this model!) from microscale to mask it. Note: Remember to allow at least a couple days drying time before masking and painting over the first color!) Now when the red paint was dry and I masked the nose, then airbrushed the white it took a few coats (allowing several minutes in between each coat) to cover the red but it came out fine! Now again allow the body to dry throughly and then apply the decals. As I said the decals are from the kit and to tell you the truth the yellow v stripe for the nose was very, very transparent so I took decals from two kits and layered them on top of each other! (I thought about airbrushing them on but I just didn't want to take the chance on screwing up the paint job up to that point! Those of you who have seen my other model page and the page here for my #17 chrome model will recall my speaking of using brake fluid to remove the paint from the body a couple times and this is what I wanted to avoid here!!! Well anyway I applied the decals (as I said along with slixx contingency decals ...Winston, Busch, and Gatorade) and then after allowing them to set and dry I applied a final coat of testors high-gloss enamel spray! I then allowed the body to dry 2-3 days and mounted it to the chassis. Then I took my windshield and other clear parts (which I painted using the methods described in the model construction section of the main page of this site) and put them on the body with clear craft glue!

Complete instructions for painting and assembly of chassis, clear parts, and construction of slab sides can be found at the bottom of the main page!

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Additional Pictures

Left Side View
Left Front View
Right Rear View