1995 Silver Winston Select Monte Carlo

This is the special 25th anniversary car that Dale Earnhardt drove in the Winston Select in 1995! It commemorated the 25th anniversary of the Winston Cup Championship sponsored by Winston.

This was one of the first models in my collection which I started in may of 1995. This model was built at a time when I still hadn't begun filling in seams on the noses as you can see in the picture above!

Painting and Decals:

The chassis and the interior of the body I spray painted with regular testors red (bright) spray paint and the body exterior was then sprayed with testors metallic silver which I gloss coated before applying the decals. You will recognize this as a 1995 Monte Carlo kit by the absence of slab sides which weren't the "rule" in WC like today... although the sides of the MC in 1995 didn't quite wrap under as much as this kit does! Oh yeah one other point I did not paint the black band on the lower part of the body I masked it off and left it masked throughout the entire painting process. Then when the gloss. coat on the silver was dry I removed the mask and that was it!

The decals were a so called bootleg set (manufacturer unknown) which to this day I see for sale at various places. This was a very good set and finished very well. I had to take the contingency decals from the kit because the decal sheet didn't have any and had to add Winston, Busch and gatorade decals from a sheet of slixx contingency decals because of the restrictions about putting alcohol and cigarette markings on the models (I to this day do not know why gatorade decals are not included in Monogram's kits). Once the decals were in place I put a final coat of gloss over the body and allowed it to dry and then I mounted the body to the chassis and installed the windshield and other clear parts with clear craft glue! Note: On these old pre-97 Monte Carlos and all T-Birds I always glue the hood pins on last! I take a very fine brush and apply a very small drop of craft glue to each recess and then wipe the brush leaving just enough glue on the tip of the brush to pick up the hood pins and place them carefully in the recesses!

Complete instructions for painting and assembly of chassis, clear parts, and construction of slab sides can be found at the bottom of the main page!

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Additional Pictures

Left Side View
Left Front View
Right Rear View